The mineral powder

You can buy mineral powder in accordance to GOST 32761-2014 (The mineral powder), the grades are MP-1 and MP-2 as per ST RK satndards

The mineral powder is a mandatory additive to bituminous concrete mixture, which used in road building, which allows to increase the strength of bituminous concrete.To buy mineral activated powder MP-2 and non-activated mineral powder MP-2 as per price from the manufacturer LLP TUTAS Kazakhstan

LLP TUTAS in Temirtau city offers activated MP-1 and non-activated mineral powder MP-2, with the addition of activated additives and without them.

Activated mineral powder has complex properties and allows increasing adhesion to the surface of small and large grains, thereby increasing the density, strength and water resistance of bituminous concrete mixture.

To activate and hydrophobize mineral powder, LLP TUTAS uses a unique patented method that allows to obtain bituminous concrete of improved quality for use in cold regions (low temperatures).

The mineral powder produced by our plant passed the necessary tests and has the conclusions received from the Kazakhstan Road Research Institute “KAZDORNN” in Almaty.

LLP TUTAS has the certificate of origin of goods ST-KZ and the Declaration of conformity for the Customs Union.

You can buy a mineral powder directly from the warehouse of the manufacturer of LLP TUTAS in Temirtau, without any dealers.

Buying products directly from the manufacturer – a guarantee that the price of mineral powder will be minimal.

Products are packed in soft containers “Big-bag” with a volume of 1.5 tons, with a liner, which protects against moisture ingress, shipment will be in cement carriers.

The company has its own truck scales with a weighing limit up to 100 tons.

Delivery of mineral powder is carried out by road and rail, through the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and another country.

Mineral powder belongs to the class of inert substances, does not possess radioactivity, is harmless to the human body and the environment, is not included in the list of goods subject to sanitary and epidemiological supervision (control) at the customs border and customs territory of the customs union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus).

If you are interested in purchasing the mineral powder MP-1 and MP-2, please contact the managers of our company (Contacts). They will help you to make an order and tell about the terms of purchase and delivery of the presented products.

You will find a professional service and a minimum price in our company.

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Certificates and conclusions for Mineral Powder from LLP TUTAS

Certificate of origin ST-KZ

Сертификат о происхождении товара минеральный порошок CT-KZ TOO TUTAS Казахстан -


Declaration of conformity

Декларация соответствия минеральный порошок МП-1 и МП-2 TUTAS Казахстан -

GOST -32761-2014

ГОСТ на порошок минеральный активированный МП-1 и неактивированный МП-2 TUTAS Казахстан -

Conclusion of KAZDORNII

Заключение КАЗДОРНИИ на Минеральный порошок TUTAS Казахстан -

Mineral powder test protocol MP-1

Протокол испытаний активированный минеральный порошок МП-1 TUTAS Казахстан -

Mineral powder test protocol МП-2

Протокол испытаний не активированный минеральный порошок МП-2 TUTAS Казахстан -

Protocol of Radiological Testing

Протокол радиологических испытаний минеральный порошок -

Protocol of Radiological Testing

Протокол радиологических испытаний минеральный порошок -

GOST. Indicators and characteristics

ГОСТ на порошок минеральный активированный МП-1 и неактивированный МП-2 TUTAS Казахстан -