LLP TUTAS was established in 2006, as an enterprise for the production of cement and construction mixtures.

After the approval of the government program to expand the road industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in 2009 the plant was launched with a new direction of the company’s activity, in the form of the production of mineral powder for asphalt concrete.

In 2010, due to the expansion of oil and gas production, the country had a great need for a Arcobar as a basis for obtaining drilling fluids, regarding which the enterprise established the production of a new Arcobar.

In 2011, to expand the range of products and being in one of the largest coal-mining regions, the release of the product was mastered – Inert hydrophobic dust, ensuring safety of work in coal workings.

In 2014, to solve the problem with year-round enrichment of minerals, a new method of mineral processing was developed and patented at LLP TUTAS production facilities. This technology has a great prospect in the field of processing of mineral resources of minerals, enrichment of which is unprofitable with the available technologies.

In 2016, due to the depletion of existing deposits and the resulting shortage of manganese concentrate, the enterprise successfully launched a project to enrich the tails of manganese ore.

Regarding to the company’s policy, we are a reliable supplier, which is confirmed by our long-standing partners, such as JSC Arcelor Mittal Temirtau, Bi-Group company, LLP DS Neuburg, LLP Sinichka, SGMK- Trade (Russia).

Лугин И.В., директор ТОО TUTAS

Сертификаты и лицензии ТОО “TUTAS”

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Отзывы наших клиентов

После посещения завода ТОО TUTAS, мы наглядно убедились в качестве продукции и профессионализме сотрудников, увидели оборудование в деле. В итоге было принято решение заказывать минеральный порошок только у ТОО TUTAS. Об этом решении мы ни разу не пожалели.Генеральный директор, ТОО "Астана Дор Строй"

 LLP TUTAS: Company of processing mineral raw materials